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Quality & Dimensions


All our Hardware is manufactured to ISO 9002 standards. We manufacture all our cabinetry right here in Victoria! Support your local economy. We urge you to compare quality of Hardware and Cabinet construction before making your investment! Not all Murphy Beds or Wall Beds are the same. If you are going to make an investment in a Murphy Bed we highly recommend educating yourself. Our hardware supports more than twice the weight of our competitors beds.



Width Height Depth (Closed) Footprint (Open) For approximate side-tilt sizes, reverse width & height. Single 44.5″ 80″ 16″ 84″ Double 59.5″ 80″ 16″ 84″ Queen 65.5″ 85″ 16″ 89″

Mattresses Murphy Beds® use standard-size, regular mattresses. They can be stored fully made-up with sheets and blankets, instantly ready for use. The mechanism The mechanism in our Murphy Beds® is strong enough to lift just about any coil-spring mattress on the market. We feature premium quality 9″ to 11″ thick coil-spring and high-density foam mattresses that are custom made to our specifications. (No box spring, bed slats or other weird contraptions are required.)

Here’s how to plan your space:

Select a wall for your Murphy Bed®:

Imagine walking into the room – if you can place the bed with the face (rather than the side) visible from the doorway, that’s ideal.

Position your Murphy Bed®:

Positioning on the wall allowing for easy access to both sides of the bed. We suggest a minimum of 12 inches clearance to get around the bed – helpful when using the bed and making it up.

Allocate remaining wall space to other uses:

Think about storage for guest use, or for your books, stereo, computer, arts and crafts etc. Pay particular attention to any corner – it’s an ideal spot for a computer desk system with wraparound shelving.

Side-Tilt Beds Side-tilt beds:

These unique beds are available for use in difficult locations where height and floor space are restricted (e.g. basements, attics or very narrow rooms).