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Bed Comparison

Multiple-Spring vs. Gas Piston Lift

Below is a comparison of why we prefer springs:

Murphy Wall-Beds

  • Our heavy-duty, multiple-spring mechanism is used around the world – more than 100,000 installed over the last 30 years – living proof of long-term reliability.
  • Murphy beds are light & strong, and lift with finger-tip ease. “Butter-smooth” & effortless multi-spring action.
  • Sleek unobtrusive hardware, hidden by mattress and bed covers.
  • Exclusive tubular steel legs, connected by crossbar. Leg assembly rotates in and out with fingertip ease, and holds mattress in place.
  • Wood frame construction is an option. However, you can make your project go faster & easier by upgrading to either one of our metal frame kits.

SUMMARY: A professional, well-designed complete hardware system with lots of user-friendly features. Easy & reliable.

Gas Piston Lift

  • Questionable durability over time. Experience suggests that gas pistons leak, lose pressure, and need replacing (e.g. your car trunk, screen door).
  • Heavy to close, with a jerky action. You push against the pistons and they push back – it’s a workout! And not adjustable, either.
  • Unsightly piston arms in full view when bed is open.
  • Most kits don’t supply any legs. You have to make wooden legs, which attach awkwardly to the face of the bed. Mattress must be held in place by straps.
  • Wood frame construction is the only option. Not as light & strong as metal framing.

SUMMARY: No matter how nice the cabinet may look, if the hardware doesn’t perform, you’ve got a big problem.